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Understanding care options for your loved one. Live in Care as an alternative to a care home explained

Posted around 2 months ago •

In this episode we speak with 3 live in care providers and explore the significant personal attachment they have to delivering care in local communities.



The conversation ranges from their personal experiences in caring for loved ones and how this personal experience gives an empathetic appreciation of their clients and service uses, through to sharing what families should be planning for long before the need for care becomes necessary.

We also look at what families should be aware of when it comes to their entitlement to local authority paid care, the stages of seeking care through a Needs Assessment and the way families and carers should be working together to ensure a person centric, individual care plan, is best delivered and monitored.

Nancy, Louise and Mercy give a rare insight into the world of live in care, the benefits compared to placing mum or dad in a care home, the nuances of staying in your own home benefitting eg mental health, and deliver a comprehensive range of guidance & support for folk at a time when many are facing a family crisis.

Listen to amazing advice delivered from the heart!


Nancy Walters, Mumby's Live in Care

Mercy Canning, A Class Care

Louise Joslin, Ashridge Homecare

If you are looking for advice on caring for a loved one then take a look at Age UK, Getting help at home information guide:

Age UK Understanding what a Care Needs Assessment is and how to get one:


To speak with a professional Quality Care Advisor, call 0121 728 8958 Network Live in Care