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How do I find care for a loved one? What should I be careful not to do...

Posted around 1 month ago •

If you're looking for care, it's often when you're really under pressure to find care for a loved one and the default has either been a care home or home care. But most people don't understand where to go to find that care.



So what we're going to look at today with Katie Furey, an expert in the care at home sector, is the how to and where to go to find help, questions that everyone who is seeking care needs the answers to.

This is the first of a series of episodes where the Chasing Care podcast will be getting all the advice you need in order to make informed decisions on homecare solutions for you or a loved family member.

All to often care is sought at a time when families are going through a significant and unplanned crisis. We plan to help you un-bunk the confusion faced when the realisation hits that there is no one place to go to find help and guidance.

So, here we go. How do I, who knows nothing about care, go about finding that personal care in a time of need for me or for a loved one?

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