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How to start up a homecare business at a fraction of the cost of mainstream providers.

Posted around 1 month ago •

If you like your job there's no need to read this...

If you're one of the 60+% of the UK workforce who want to start their own business then read on.

Using a franchise model is statistically the most certain way to avoid failure.

The challenge for most is the high investment cost associated with many franchise brands. You're investing in their expertise, so its only reasonable, right?

In the care at home sector most franchisors look for c.£30,000 to £40,000 as a License Fee and you then need £50,000 to £90,000 liquid capitol to invest in offices, staff, payroll, CQC registration, and much more.

Most start ups in the homecare sector need at least 9 to 18 months before they are seeing monthly profits.

An honest franchisor will probably tell you that it will take approximately 3 YEARS before you have created a sustainable, well performing and 'mature' homecare business.

Its certainly NOT a get rich quick sector and requires a significant investment of time, energy and finances.

BUT it doesn't have to be that way.

Let me show you how you could start up and run a live in care business without the need to find the £100,000 working capital for running costs.

Network Live in Care is a community based opportunity for budding entrepreneurs

This would be a fully regulated live in care service offering supported by a leading health & social care provider.

No office staff to hire, no care workers to find (onboard or train), no payroll to run, no Registered Manager to hire, no CQC registration required by you, and homeworking to boot!

So, have I sparked your interest to find out more?

When you understand the 5 stages you could implement tomorrow and the 8 core areas to focus on, the lightbulb moment will appear.

Simply call me now on 07760 755791 or email


Becoming a Quality Care Advisor in partnership with Network Live in Care is just a phone call away.

Lets do this!

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